Contramaestre inspires, evokes and seduces

Those who know Contramaestre say that our city, has the skin of its people, its buildings are made out of sweat, joy, nostalgia, its streets bear the footsteps of its people.

Those who live in this city breathe the freshness of the river that gives its name, watching the people grow, proudly carrying the traces of its history, of an agrarian past that gave birth to a prodigal present to enjoy an urbanized town.

Contramaestre is the haven of many, of hundreds, of thousands who were born and stayed, of others who arrived and are grateful, and of some who decided to move away without forgetting, because it is a city of charms that from its own foundation provides shelter.

Its central park has the perfect shade to rest, fall in love, or retrace memories. And in those memories is the Church with its imposing look, the Carnero hotel, and the Spanish-Cuban casino turned into a recreational society. All the history enclosed in 111 years.

Contramaestre, a charming city

The city exhibits other buildings with the same elegance of its genesis, offering benefits to its people without distinction of social status, age or race; the same people who every morning feel the pride of belonging to this piece of land.

Today, locals and visitors are grateful for the clean, tempting and colorful face of Contramaestre, because it continues to be the inspiration of many artists and cradle of wise people; it continues to be the city that attracts those who arrive by chance or with well marked intentions.

Contramaestre is the city that is still young with not very visible wrinkles, because it still enjoys a freshness and freshness on the way to transformation, because this peace of lanr of the eastern geography is and will be for its children a paradise full of dreams that inspires, evokes and seduces.

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