Cuba strengthens ties with its diaspora

Cuba strengthens ties with its diaspora

Havana, Nov 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuba promotes ties with its citizens residing abroad and advocates for their increasingly active participation in the socioeconomic processes it carries out.

The 4th “The Nation and Emigration” Conference took place this weekend in Havana, and brought together 367 Cubans residing in 57 countries; a third of them live in the United States.

During two days of contacts with institutions and representatives of the State, the Government and civil society organizations, the participants debated the links with their nation of origin and the perspectives of that relationship, as well as others referring to culture and identity, economic development and investments.

The Conference made it possible to make an exhaustive assessment of Cuba’s relations with its citizens abroad, evaluate these links and identify the potential for participation in projects aimed at promoting economic development and strengthening relations.

According to President Miguel Díaz-Canel, this purpose is invariable and irreversible, in the face of external threats and the intensification of the blockade of the United States and the media campaigns against the Revolution.

After the end of the Conference, the Cuban head of State explained that in the world there are 138 Cuban associations that defend Cuba’s right to self-determination and sovereignty, and support efforts for its development through solidarity.

The participants expressed the need to lift the US blockade that harms the population, constitutes the greatest obstacle to the socio-economic development of Cuba and affects the ties of Cubans residing abroad with their country of origin. They also highlighted the importance of using the human capital formed by the Revolution, and contributing to the development of the nation through the establishment of fluid economic-commercial relations.

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