US Government stops remittance transfers to Cuba through Western Union on November 23

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On November 23, the payment of remittances from the United States to Cuba, through Western Union, will cease. The operation of the 407 payment points that make up the network of this US company in Cuba will also be interrupted, the financial entity Fincimex informed in a statement to the Cuban population.

Through its institutional page on Facebook, Fincimex reiterated that the interruption of the remittance service between the two countries is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the United States government.

“As a result, negotiations were held with the company Western Union to establish, by mutual agreement and with sufficient notice, the procedures that will guarantee the orderly suspension of the remittances from the United States to Cuba that have been managed by Fincimex for more than 20 years, by virtue of a representation contract signed between both entities, which unfortunately will have to be interrupted,” the note says.

The Cuban institution also ratified its will and commitment with the Cuban family in order to identify and sustain orderly and safe flows of remittances.

In a previous publication, in October, Fincimex had warned that the US is trying to establish a matrix of opinion consisting of the fact that remittances would not be interrupted if Cuba accepted the imposition of that government to establish a network of payments in Cuba different from the current network.

In response, this company stated that it is lying, because for more than two decades Fincimex has invested in equipment, premises, preparation, staff training and communications infrastructure to achieve a payment network capable of sustaining the high operational level of international remittance companies.

On October 23, the US Government had set a 30-day deadline for the entry into force of the new regulations (related to remittances) of the State Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Fincimex explained in its October publication that those who designed the measures know very well that it would not be possible in 30 days to organize alternative solutions.

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