The persecution of leftist leaders has already reached Rafael Correa

The persecution continues in Latin America of everything that smells of the left, of the struggle for the well-being of the peoples for so many years oppressed.We have already seen what happened in Brazil with Dilma Rousseff and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Now, the ex-president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, is at risk of being arrested, after a warrant for his arrest was issued by the National Court of Justice of that country, since the right wing no longer has any alternative to prevent his possible candidacy for the presidential elections in Ecuador.

The National Court of Justice (CNJ), which sentenced in first instance the case Bribes 2012-2016, ordered on Wednesday the location and arrest of former president Rafael Correa.

In addition to Rafael Correa, the order weighs against his former vice president Jorge Glas (in prison for another corruption case), former officials and several businessmen also involved in the alleged corruption scheme.

Judge Iván León, after ratifying that the process is “executed” or “firm”, ordered that this Wednesday the respective papers be sent to the police authorities for the “immediate location and arrest” of those sentenced.

“It is provided that, by the Secretariat – during the course of this day – the corresponding documents are sent to both the General Police Commander and the Chief of the Judicial Police, for their immediate location and capture (of the convicts),” said a notification from the Court of Judgement of the sentence for the case Bribes 2012-2016. It also ordered the arrest of ten businessmen, sentenced to eight years in prison for being part of a corruption structure in which state institutions handed over contracts in exchange for resources to finance the political campaigns of the ruling party Alianza País (AP), at that time of former president Correa.

The Court requested the National Electoral Council (CNE) to lose the political rights of all those sentenced for a time equal to the prison sentence.

On 1 September, the NEC did not recognize Correa’s candidacy due to his failure to come in person to sign his registration and for the ratification of the 8 year prison sentence against the ex-commander for the Bribes 2012-2016 case.

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