Tellurium based transistor could revolutionize computing

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London, Feb 12 (Prensa Latina) The field of computer science could be revolutionized if the large-scale manufacture of a transistor made with a material based on Tellurium and which would be the smallest in the world.

The Tellurium – belongs to the family of the chalcogens and according to the Periodic Table of Elements has the symbol Te, atomic number 52 and atomic weight 127.60.

An article published on the Nature Electronics site unveiled a joint project on the subject between Purdue, Michigan Technology, Texas in Dallas and Washington in St. Louis.

The investigation found that the one-dimensional DNA helix-shaped material encapsulated in a nanotube made of boron nitride could act as a field effect transistor with a diameter of two nanometers.

The transistors in the market are made of more voluminous silicon and have a scale of between 10 and 20 nanometers, the source points out.

The study reveals that making these small transistors with this material made from Telurium would give the possibility of faster computing with lower energy consumption.

The researchers worked to make the tellurium as small as a single atomic chain and then build transistors with these ultra-thin atomic chains or nanowires.

Tellurium is a more effective material for individual atomic chains or one-dimensional nanowires compared to others because it is easier to fit into a nanotube.

The source highlights that the scientists successfully built a transistor with a tellurium nanowire, which was encapsulated in a boron nitride nanotube, which is of high quality because it effectively isolates the tellurium.

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