Russia prepares second vaccine while Covid-19 cases grow

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Moscow, Oct. 1 (Prensa Latina) Russia announced the conclusion of clinical trials of its second vaccine against the coronavirus SARS CoV-2, which caused the Covid-19 pandemic, developed by the ‘Vektor’ center, by registering today one million 185 thousand 231 positive cases.

The Scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology ‘Vektor’ pointed out that the patent of its vaccine prototype was registered as ‘EpiVakKorona’, and it is expected that the Ministry of Health will officially authorize it as national preparation before the coming 15th.

When the number of daily cases in this country reaches eight thousand 945, at the same level as last June 12, the ‘Vektor’ center considers even more necessary the advance in the studies of means to fight the mentioned disease that until now caused 20 thousand 891 deaths here.

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