Russia celebrates 75th anniversary of victory of Great Patriotic War

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Havana, May 9 (Prensa Latina) Russia is celebrating, on May 9, the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), mainly achieved thanks to the courage and heroism of the Soviet people.
The Red Army’s contribution was decisive to defeat Nazi Germany and save European and world civilization.

The victory cost plenty of blood to many nations, above all the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which lost more than 27 million people.

In the Soviet Union, the fascists destroyed and burned 1,710 cities, 70,000 villages and towns, and caused incalculable damage to the industry and agriculture.

The deeds in both the front and the rearguard will always be in our memory as the greatest expression of patriotism and selfless service to the Homeland, and are registered for eternity in the destiny of each Russian family.

The deep respect for the heroes-liberators, who defeated Nazism, is shared worldwide.

The victory was possible thanks to the joint efforts of the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition, whose contribution is highly valued, because it not only supported the USSR with supplies of weapons, ammunition and food, but it also opened the much-expected second front in Normandy, in June 1944.

It was the cohesion of the forces and resources from all States fighting Nazi Germany that allowed, despite political and ideological differences, to liberate Europe and the entire world from the fascists.

We, the descendants, must keep the spirit of that unity, in light of the new threats of the 21st century.

In this context, the attempts at distorting the developments of that war and turning those who served the Nazis into idols, forgetting honor and human dignity, and lying openly to their children and betraying their ancestors, are absolutely inadmissible.

Such actions create an atmosphere that favors the development of xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and other expressions of intolerance, causing interethnic conflicts and support for terrorist and extremist organizations and movements.

The goal of the falsifiers of history is to influence poorly informed and ignorant people with implausible falsehoods about the reasons of World War II, its development and results.

They also bet on misleading the young generation who in many countries often ignore the struggle of the USSR against Nazism and the incalculable victims from the country in that confrontation.
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