Russia and the battle against double standards in Europe

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Moscow, Sep 12 (Prensa Latina) Russia is fighting a battle against double standards in Europe today, when in Germany they are talking about applying sanctions in the case of the alleged poisoning of the blogger Alexei Navalny.

Instead of looking closely at the political and economic consequences of including among the possible sanctions against Russia the suspension of the construction of the Torrente Norte-2 gas pipeline, Berlin mentions moral values that it could not violate in the case of Navalny.

But it was not even possible to prove for the moment the existence of a poisoning, much less when in Germany there is talk of a substance such as the so-called Novichok, a neuro-paralyzer that in the 1990s also reached the laboratories of the West.

Russian experts in chemical weapons, who know the effects of the so-called Novichok, point out that barely one gram of that substance is capable of destroying a great number of living forces if it is used in combat. In the case of Navalny, the only one damaged is him, something they consider unreal.

As a matter of fact, more and more experts, including Europeans, consider that a chemical weapon could never be used, since in that case, the pilots of the plane which took Navalny from Omsk region to Berlin, doctors and relatives of the opponent were all affected.

Furthermore, how to explain that, without having knowledge about an antidote to stop the effects of Navichok, the doctors managed to bring Navalny out of the coma at the Charité clinic in the German capital.

In fact, the Russian Chancellery pointed out in a statement that it demanded that Germany present proof of the alleged poisoning found by German physicians. Otherwise, the accusation against Russia would be seen as a provocation.

In reality, by immediately going to the threat of sanctions against Moscow to include a halt to the construction of the Torrente Norte 2, everything seemed to be in place: behind the Navalny case would be the United States.

Germany, despite threats from Washington, the imposition of extraterritorial sanctions against the companies participating in that project, including those from Austria and Italy, had resisted and continued to be faithful to the idea of completing the gas pipeline.

North Stream 2, contrary to Washington’s preaching about alleged damage to European energy security, is vital to the German economy, especially at a time of crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

German companies invested at least $10 billion in the construction of the aforementioned gas project to bring gas directly from Germany, without intermediaries.

However, now the issue of sanctions against Russia has taken hold within the European state, where the conservative Christian Democratic Union and other allies have talked about how immoral it would be to buy gas from a country whose government does things like Navalny.

In the face of statements like these, the German left recalled that it would be amoral to buy oil from nations in the Persian Gulf, where the penalties for crimes are strong, or to acquire shale gas in the United States, despite its attacks on civilians in Syria.

But we are not only facing a case of double standards. As the Russian expert Peter Akopov stated, this is a dilemma for Berlin, which must decide whether to reject U.S. pressure with North Torrent 2 or to prove that it still lacks true sovereignty.

Furthermore, Akopov estimated that by renouncing the gas pipeline project, for the completion of which more than 20 European states recently declared themselves, Germany would put into play its own image as a regional leader and would show that it is not willing to defend the values of the entire area.

In fact, in the case of Navalny, there are more and more indications that it was stirred up by Washington to create quarrels with a Russian business partner like Germany, as it became known this week that happened in the case of the arrest in Belarus of 33 members of the Russian company Bagner.

Minsk was the victim of an operation by the Ukrainian security services, according to a plan drawn up by the White House, so that this arrest would become a case of a dispute between Russia and another of its important business partners, that is, Belarus.

The story surrounding the Navalny case still has many chapters to be staged, but from now on everything indicates that the scriptwriter is in Washington, while Russia is fighting another case of double standards, used to justify sanctions against it.

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