Maduro reiterates that there will be parliamentary elections next December

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Caracas, Sep 16 (RHC) The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, assured that the parliamentary elections will be held in December without “imperial interference”.

In a message published this Tuesday in his Twitter social network account, the Venezuelan head of state recalled that for years his government has managed to “consolidate a true, deeply protagonist and participative democracy”.

He assured that the participation of Venezuelans in the elections of December 6 “will be an example for the world” and emphasized that the Venezuelan people will elect the members of the new National Assembly (NA), “without imperial interference”.

Maduro, in these declarations, denounces once again the plans of the United States to “sabotage” the elections, and reiterates that neither Colombia nor the US country nor any other country will be able to suspend the parliamentary elections.

Maduro’s government has invited the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) to participate as observers in the elections and assures that it will take all necessary measures to promote “national reconciliation”.

The electoral process is advancing despite calls from the extreme right to boycott the elections and the attempts at destabilization by the United States. More than 100 political forces are participating in the elections to renew the 277 members of the National Assembly (of an opposition majority).

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