Iraqi lawmaker sues government for illegal decision

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Lawmaker Alia Nassif sued the Iraqi provisional government on Wednesday for the decision to cut oil company taxes from 45% to 5%.

Nassif believes that this measure is outside the Executive’s authority and harms the interests of the Iraqi people.

According to the lawmaker’s story, the interim cabinet held a meeting led by Iraq’s Oil Minister Thamir al-Ghadhban, and in the absence of designated Prime Minister Mohammed Tawfik Allawi, during which the aforementioned decision was adopted.

Thus, there will be a reduction in the profits of the Ministry of Finance on the benefits of the oil companies and without any justification, the lawmaker stated.

There were previous attempts to achieve that goal, but neither the Oil Ministry nor the head of the Government accepted it, she said.

(Taken from Sierra Maestra)

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