French parliamentary leader supports Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban doctors

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Paris, 12 June (Prensa Latina) French parliamentary leader André Chassaigne today backed the call to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban medical brigades Henry Reeve who are facing Covid-19 around the world, calling them an example of solidarity.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, the president of the Democratic and Republican Left Group in the National Assembly stated that this award would recognize Cuba’s longstanding internationalist work in the field of health, with its assistance to countries in need, which is happening once again in the current context of the pandemic.

It is not something temporary, the island has sent doctors to many nations and its researchers have contributed products of great use to fight diseases, such as Interferon Alpha 2b and Heberprot-P, stressed the deputy for the central department of Puy-de-Dome.

The member of the Communist Party added his voice to a platform activated in France at the end of April, already made up of more than a hundred European and Latin American organizations, to request the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the International Contingent of Doctors Specializing in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics Henry Reeve.

According to Chassaigne, the attitude of solidarity of Cuba and its health professionals contrasts with the general trend seen during Covid-19 of directing efforts towards the national level.

Their brigades are an example of the solidarity that should prevail in the world in these times, but in reality this is not what we have seen, said the parliamentarian, who regretted that within the European Union there are behaviors and practices that could be described as selfish.

In the current scenario of the pandemic, Cuba is showing concrete signs of the necessary stance, based on a planetary and internationalist approach to combat it, he warned.

The congressman reiterated in his statements to Prensa Latina his repudiation of the U.S. blockade on the island and its intensification despite the impact of Covid-19.

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