Evo Morales trusts Bolivian people

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La Paz, Bolivia. – With the strength of the people will recover the homeland, sentenced on Monday the president of Bolivia upon leaving inaugurated the road Caracollo-Colquiri, which links the departments of Oruro and La Paz.

Shortly after, the helicopter in which the president was traveling had to make a forced landing due to a mishap in the tail rotor, an event that is being investigated by the Air Force, responsible for the apparatus, to determine if it was a failed attempt to attack.

Bolivia is experiencing moments of tension in which the people are waiting for the ultimatum raised by opposition sectors for the president to resign, without lacking attributions to the effect, as stated by the Mining Workers Union Federation.

The Erbol news network broadcast on Sunday 16 audios confirming a coup plan devised by the opposition civic committees in collusion with the United States and ex-military.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)

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