Ecuador’s Candidate Arauz Will Not Interfere in Venezuelan Politics

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When asked about Venezuelan politics, Ecuador’s presidential candidate Andres Arauz said that he prefers not to meddle in the internal affairs of Venezuela, the United States or any other country.

A day after the Ecuadorean progressive organizations nominated the Andres Arauz – Rafael Correa binomial for the 2021 elections, the Socialist candidate reiterated that actions to promote human rights must be carried out according to the United Nations regulations.

“On the international scene we will do so, but we will not get involved in other People’s affairs, beyond continuing to provide support to the Venezuelan brothers who have migrated to Ecuador.”

Arauz added that foreign policy is not his priority when his country is going through a deep economic crisis that has been exacerbated by the pandemic. However, he clarified that he will support multilateralism and integration.

“I am a great supporter of regional integration not only for economic, productive, financial, and trade reasons but also for cultural identity.”

He pointed out that the closure of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) is “an enormous frustration” since it was President Lenin Moreno who ordered that Ecuador leave this international organization.

In the next government, however, “Ecuador will assume a leading role” to bring countries closer to integration projects, “regardless of ideological stances,” he assured.

The Socialist candidate added that the new integration proposals should seek coordinate positions “in international forums on economic and financial issues”.

(Taken from Telesur)

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