Biden on his first day signed executive orders and directives

Washington, the capital of the empire, dawned guarded by thousands of soldiers. The Capitol, where the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden as the new president took place, surrounded by barbed wire, protected by barricades, resembled the image of one of the many Hollywood films, where terrorists or aliens threaten the symbol of American power.

The investiture ceremony was marked by exceptionalism. Instead of the usual number of guests at these events, only a thousand accompanied Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, strong COVID-19 protection measures marked the day and, above all, the absence of the outgoing president, Donald Trump, something that had not happened since 1869.

In his first speech as president of the United States, an address in which references to the exceptional nature of a country, “indispensable” within world hegemony, abounded, Joe Biden offered words of optimism and faith in the immediate future of the nation.

“I know that to talk about unity may sound to some like a foolish fantasy these days. The forces that divide us are deep and real, but they are not new,” he said. Biden referred to the millions of jobs lost, the hundreds of thousands of businesses closed, the evictions and the needed racial justice “deferred for 400 years.”

Biden was applauded during his speech

In one of the most applauded moments of his speech, the president described the current situation as an “uncivil war” and called to defend the founding values of the nation.

On the other hand, former President Barack Obama tweeted a message to President-elect Joe Biden, hours before the ceremony at the Capitol: “This is your moment,” Obama wrote.

Meanwhile, after more than two months without accepting the results of the November 3 elections, outgoing President Donald Trump chose to bid farewell to the office with a video of almost 20 minutes.

In the audiovisual, Trump highlighted the “accomplishments” of his administration, including, incredibly, what he called the building of the “greatest political movement in history,” and promised that he would return in “some form.”

With just a few hours in office, Joe Biden signed 17 executive orders and directives to implement his promise to urgently turn around Donald Trump’s four years of misguided policies.

Among the most significant are returning the U.S. to the World Health Organization (WHO), banning employment discrimination in the federal government based on sexual orientation, and returning to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Biden is on a mission to wash away the image damaged by his predecessor’s misguided policies, save the American model of “democracy” and try to unite the country. Whoever takes office in the Oval Office, the empire, for the sake of self-preservation as a system, will always look for ways to recompose itself.

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