Biden’s inauguration in the midst of a deep political, economic and health crisis

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Washington, Jan 20 (RHC) This Wednesday Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States in the company of his vice president, Kamala Harris, in an armored Capitol with an unprecedented political, economic and health crisis.

The President-elect and Vice President-elect, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and Kamala Davi Harris, respectively, will have an inauguration ceremony this Wednesday, January 20, 2021, totally different from what Americans are traditionally used to seeing, and all because of the global pandemic health crisis and security measures.

Because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which caused Covid-19, and a possible threat of domestic terrorist action following the assault on the Capitol on January 6, the Democrat’s inauguration will differ significantly from the ceremonies of his predecessors.

The exact time when Biden and Harris, 78 and 57, respectively, will officially become president and vice president of the United States has not been announced, but the ceremony is scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m. (local time) on the west front of the Capitol, as tradition dictates.

As is tradition, most members of Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court will attend the ceremony, as well as former U.S. Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and their respective wives, Michelle, Laura and Hillary, will be present at the inauguration.

The one who will not be present at the inaugural ceremony to hand over the command to his successor will be the outgoing president, Donald Trump, who continues to ignore at this point and implicitly the electoral victory of the Democrat.

The Republican leader, with his displeasure, breaks a tradition of more than 100 years according to which the outgoing president attends the inauguration of his successor. In his place, his vice president Mike Pence will attend.

Another important absence is that of Jimmy Carter, the longest-lived former president in the country. At 96, this will be the first inauguration ceremony to be lost since he took office in 1977.

Presidents in the United States have been sworn in on January 20 since 1937, approximately 70-78 days after the presidential election, which is held every four years and always coincides with the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

The inauguration ceremony is a public event that traditionally concentrates thousands of people in the National Mall esplanade, in front of the Capitol, seat of Congress and the Senate, in Washington D.C., the federal capital of the United States.

Although the event will be virtual and without the presence of ordinary citizens, Biden and Harris will have to comply with a series of protocols, from their swearing in before the Chief Justice, the Democrat’s inaugural speech and their escorted walks to the White House.

Biden and his inaugural ceremony

It is customary for presidents to choose singers or celebrities to announce their inauguration. In this case, the inaugural ceremony will be enlivened by a special show presented by actor Tom Hanks and will feature performances by artists such as Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Jon Bon Jovi and Justin Timberlake, announced the organizers of the event.

The inauguration of the presidential couple is marked by strong security measures adopted by the authorities of the U.S. capital, which is under a state of alarm and armored by more than 25,000 members of the National Guard in view of the threat of violent acts by Trump’s followers, who already tried to prevent the presidential relay on January 6 with their violent assault on the Capitol.

But in addition, the event will take place in the midst of the worst global pandemic seen in a century, which will attract fewer people to witness the aforementioned inauguration.

As a result, the number of guests will also be drastically reduced. Instead of the nearly 200,000 people at the previous inauguration, Biden will have only about 1,000 people at his inauguration.

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