Artificial Human Eye Created to Test Drugs

Photo: EUROPA PRESS Washington, 8 Aug (Latin Press) American scientists developed an artificial replica of the human eye to be used in the modeling of diseases such as dry eye and to test the effectiveness of possible treatments against this pathology, according to specialized press today.

The construction of the device, by experts from the University of Pennsylvania (United States), began with a porous base the size of a ten-cent coin and in the shape of a contact lens designed in 3D used to cultivate cells of the human eye, publishes the Spanish news agency Europa Press.

The cells of the cornea grew in the inner circle, stained yellow, and the cells of the conjunctiva, the specialized tissue that covers the whites of human eyes, developed in the surrounding red circle.

A gelatin plate acts as an eyelid, sliding mechanically over the eye at the same speed as human blinking, while a blue-tinted tear duct spreads secretions over the eye to form what is called a tear film.

Scientists evoked the dry eye conditions in the replica by cutting the artificial blinking of their device in half and carefully creating a closed environment that simulated the humidity of real-life conditions.

Testing the device’s ability to reflect the performance of a real eye in normal and inductive dry eye environments, experts turned to the pharmaceutical industry to find a promising candidate drug to treat this condition.

They used lubricin, a protein found primarily in the lubricating fluid that protects joints, and test results from their models of a healthy eye, a dry eye and a dry eye plus the drug showed the effectiveness of the device.

According to specialists, in people with dry eye syndrome, the tear film evaporates faster than it is replaced, causing inflammation and irritation.

A common cause of this disease is the reduction of blinking that occurs during overuse of the computer, but people can also develop the disease for other reasons.

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