Young baseball hopefuls continue to train

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Two young baseball players from Santiago de Cuba province continue to train hard during the period of isolation indicated by the Cuban government to prevent possible contagion with the new coronavirus affecting the planet.

Jaime Raúl Pelegrín Jerez, a young left-handed pitcher and national champion in 2019 with the Santiago de Cuba youth baseball team, is taking advantage of this break caused by the pandemic in order not to lose his sporting form.

The promising young baseball player from Santiago, who lives in the municipality of Contramaestre, has a fervent coach in his father, that person who always demands rigorous training to be in better physical condition.

At 18 years of age Jaime waits anxiously for the end of the new coronavirus to be part of the U23 roster and from the isolation of these days of pandemic, he sends a message to his teammates.

Like Jaime Raúl, Luis Angel Fonseca García, a left-handed pitcher who enjoys being part of the young team of Santiago de Cuba, second best in the National Youth Baseball Championship 2020, Santiago de Cuba, is also training.

Fonseca García, a leader in pitching, is only 17 years old. Since the obligatory isolation, he continues to work hard to achieve his most important goal: to be part of the Cuba team.

Jaime Raúl and Luis Angel, are two young wasps who will undoubtedly raise the name of Contramaestre in Cuba’s national sport.


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