Las Tunas finally champion of the Cuban baseball

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Las Tunas and its Leñadores, based on tenacity, optimism and quality in the performance in each game, was finally crowned Cuban Baseball Champion. Los Leñadores have made Las Tunas the center of the national passion. The joy is overwhelming, especially when they climb the podium for the first time in the National Series.

Las Tunas defeated Villa Clara in the great final of the Cuban baseball playoff thanks to an excellent team pitch, which did not allow freedoms to the opposite team, to the tactics designed for each game; they managed to win by putting speed in function of the offensive, and of course, also by hitting cleanly, because no offensive is more feared for its strength, versatility and speed.

This last match was a test of the cohesion between the players and the team management. In the seventh inning a decision that obviously was not the result of a hunch or improvisation, but something studied, opened the way to the trophy of champions for Las Tunas players.

It may look strange, unaccustomed or illogical, but in that chapter and with the game tied at four, his supersonic pair worked for the most accurate bat of the team. Andrés Quiala reached the first base on touch ball, to give way to what was a brilliant play: Yunieski Larduet sacrificed, giving away the second out and Jorge Johnson, with left hit, put forward his team to not lose more winning advantage.

The prize had to come for so much elegance and it was in the last entry to the offensive of this team in the 58 National Series; the same Johnson appeared, with two runners in base, and he connected home run by the right garden so that an earthquake of joy raised to Las Tunas and to all Cuba: home run of three runs, home run of championship.

But it’s impossible not to mention and recognize a patient hero of the Las Tunas team, Danel Castro, who despite his age waited sure to see his teammates carry the championship crown. His impetuosity, his love for defending his shirt, for his total dedication to the conquest of each victory, was always the greatest inspiration and the best example for Los Leñadores.

We cannot forget that Villa Clara was a worthy rival and reached the grand final won each key game during all series and finally defeated the inspired Santi Spiritus, to face Las Tunas for the national title.

Now Los Leñadores have another great challenge, to assist and make the best possible role in the Serie del Caribe, in which the rigor rises in level and it is difficult to make a prediction. However, Las Tunas has the conditions to be among the first; they are fighters until the last out, they don’t give up and they know how to play quality baseball.

(With information from Granma/Photo: Radio Rebelde)

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