Jasiel Rivero the Cuban who shines in Spanish basketball

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Havana, 18 Nov (MARK) Cuban center Jasiel Rivero is being one of the sensations of the ACB in this beginning of the season. In his second season in the league, San Pablo Burgos was chosen as the MVP of the last day of the Endesa League after his match against Movistar Estudiantes.

Rivero went through the microphones of Radio MARCA to analyze his good moment and that of the Burgos team. “Satisfied would be little, I am super happy with the results we are having. Winning the Champions League was something very surprising for us and we hope to continue at the top of the table,” he said.

Every day more settled and with more weight in the scheme of Peñarroya, his name is sounding strongly in these first months of competition and he is one of the players in fashion. “I wouldn’t say so, but it’s true that things are being positive and we will continue to improve and continue to achieve successes for the team. I’m never a conformist and I still have a long way to go to reach my best level. I still have to work a lot and improve many aspects”, he considered.

Regarding the growth of the team in recent years, the Cuban center explained that “happiness is a fundamental factor within the team, we are going through a very nice phase and we are very happy and in the end we celebrate everything, the day we are good or bad and that is something that has benefited us greatly and we must continue with this spirit and enthusiasm to continue achieving what we are getting.

Jasiel Rivero declares himself a fan of Lebron James and dreams of the NBA. “Who isn’t attracted to it? It would be the highest, but it is something that is very difficult and almost impossible, but I never lose hope of being able to fulfill that dream,” he concluded.

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