Tokyo: Dainier Peró gets fifth victory for Cuban boxing in Tokyo 2020

Tokyo, Jul 29 (ACN) Camagüey‘s super heavyweight Dainier Peró unobjectionably defeated Colombia’s Cristian Salcedo 5-0, and won Cuba’s fifth consecutive victory in the boxing tournament of the Olympic Games held in this city until next July 8.

At the Kokugikan Arena, and after a rather discreet first round, the giant from Camagüey combined his punches better, avoided the onslaughts of the burly South American fighter. The Cuban boxer defended himself with success, so that the judges gave him the 5-0 favorable (triple 30-27 and double 29-28).

This was Dainier Peró’s third consecutive smile against Salcedo. The second had been in the grand final of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.


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