Sports for body and mind in Contramaestre

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The 35th anniversary of the Physical Culture and Sports Day remained in force in the final stretch of November in a day marked by excellence from the high performance.

The initiatives set the tone this weekend at the Jesús Rabí Central Park in the town of Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba province, as part of the strategy to meet the expectations demanded by sport as a right of the people.

Athletes from different disciplines showed how much has been achieved in spite of the hard working conditions in the sports teams due to the brutal and genocidal Yankee blockade.

Sports, an eternal flame

The purpose of keeping the eternal flame burning within the sports entity through martial arts once again demonstrated its forceful advance as a weapon of the Cuban Revolution within the sports trenches.

The occasion was the right framework to bring to light the star king, the initiatives and inventiveness that emerge from the scientific talent in the sports teams as a worthy homage to the leader of the revolution and first Olympic champion of Cuban sports, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, when he said that the future of Cuba should be a future of men of science.

The closing of the day on November 19, the day of physical culture and sport in the city of citrus fruits, once again demonstrated that in the times of Covid-19, with discipline and responsibility, sport has kept the eternal flame lit by Fidel Castro since 1961, the date on which the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) was born.


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