The Cuban Revolution leaves no one in the lurch

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Some people outside Cuba may still feel that the principle of the Cuban Revolution “to leave no one in the lurch¨ is an empty slogan.

But if those who think that way had had the experience of this reporter, their thinking today would be different.

On the night of December 17, I arrived at the new home of the couple made up of Victor Sergio Mora and Niurka Ramírez, in the outskirts of the Napoles neighborhood, Contramaestre, in the province of Santiago de Cuba, accompanied by a team of the top leaders of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution in this territory.

The darkness of some streets and the moist terrains were no obstacle to reach a small but modern construction called today in Cuba Basic Cell, built for the reference couple by their neighbors.

Victor and Niurka, already have a new house. Thanks to their personal efforts, the Cuban state granted them a subsidy of almost 100 thousand pesos due to their illness, so that they could rest in a house with modern sanitary services, a room, state-of-the-art marquetry and a solid roof. Their gratitude was not long in coming.

Victor and Niurka are not the only ones. During these days other families have been benefited with the subsidies that the Cuban state provides to individuals and families with low income, so they cannot buy the materials to build their homes. So it’s a clear truth. The Cuban Revolution does not leave any of its children in the lurch.


Angel Del Toro Fonseca

Angel Del Toro Fonseca

Jefe de la redacción digital

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