Reasons to Celebrate International Youth Day

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The young people of Contramaestre, like those from all over Cuba, have plenty of reasons to celebrate International Youth Day with joy.

When attention is focused in 2019 on Goal 4 of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, which calls for “Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all”, the island’s youth sector is proud to have achieved that goal long ago.

If it is a question of guaranteeing inclusive and equitable quality education, there are more than 100 schools of different types and levels of education in the municipality of Contramaestre alone. Prestigious teaching professionals work there with no distinction of race, sex or economic possibility.

To promote opportunities for lifelong learning, not only is there the optional continuation of studies after the 9th grade, but also the efforts of the Ministry of Education, the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) and other organizations to, even in the vacation stage, offer various courses and expand knowledge or learn trades.

This August 12, a date that internationalizes the problems, needs and challenges of youth, Cubans enjoy state policies that benefit them and have an organization that represents them and plans a variety of activities for them.

There is the Young Communist League (UJC). With millions of challenges, but the UJC is directed by young leaders, in an autonomous way; and it is not limited to attending only to the affairs of its members, but of the entire youth universe.

Youth in Fidel, another reason

A celebration that joins in the largest of the Antilles to the birthday of its most fervent defender, Fidel Castro. The architect of today’s young people having a voice and a vote, and as agents of change that they are, having a leading role in the construction of today’s Cuban society. The man who believed that “(…) great tasks can be placed on the shoulders of youth”.

In return, Cuba’s young population only has to maintain altruistic, ethical and moral values. It has to preserve the achievements of the Cuban Revolution in sectors such as education, health, sports, culture.

In a global context marked by inequality gaps that are suffered above all in the lack of opportunities to access study, young Cubans do so for free and almost obligatory. They are also guaranteed a job, and now, in recent days, the incentive of a salary increase widely demanded in assemblies and congresses.

The Cuban youth come to this event as a true party, with dreams and life projects that are more and more demanding. This date also serves for such a mass of people to reflect on their challenges before society: to be happy but to prepare, not to be misled, to increase the economy, to produce food, to provide quality services and, in short, to continue improving the work of generations, which is the Homeland in which we live.

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