Ongoing accountability of the people’s power in Contramaestre

The process of accountability of the delegate to his electors in Contramaestre has begun with a marked patriotic and revolutionary content. In this municipality of Santiago de Cuba, 683 delegate-people meetings are to be held, as part of a unique exercise of control and popular participation which can only be seen in our system of government.

For the constituency number 48 La Pista of delegate Eloida Hidalgo Gutierrez began the process of accountability of the delegate to his constituents in the popular council Baire.

This was one of the first such meetings held in the municipality of Contramaestre in Santiago de Cuba, as part of the delegate’s contact with his constituents to report on his work during the period and to discuss the pressing problems affecting the community.

The meeting was attended by a large representation of the neighbors of the demarcation and it was attended by the highest authorities of the municipality, as well as the member of the Party Bureau in the province of Santiago de Cuba Jorge Luis Díaz Velásquez, the Vice-Governor Manuel Falcón Hernández and William Hernández Morales, Coordinator of Programs and Objectives of the Provincial Government.

Contramaestre in frank dialogue

The encounter was characterized by a direct and unrestricted dialogue and a solid content of unity. The neighbors recognized the work of the delegate in a very complex context of pandemic and economic crisis.

They spoke of the results in the assistance to those who suffered from Covid-19, the protection of vulnerable individuals and families, and of their delegate’s commitment to the problems that afflict their community.

The voters of “La Pista” in Baire ratified the socialist character of the Cuban society, the imperative to defend the conquests of the (Cuban) Revolution in the midst of campaigns and aggression and above all to consolidate the unity of the people.


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