New goals for the Contramaestre workers movement

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The workers’ movement in Contramaestre, which represents the more than 24 thousand workers grouped in fifteen unions, begins a new work phase. This period begins after the May Day parade and after focusing attention on the development from the base of the organic process of the 21st Congress of the Confederation of Cuban Workers (CTC). It was a conclave where 11 delegates from different economic sectors of this municipality of Santiago de Cuba had the opportunity to participate.

According to Yumisleidis Díaz Zaldívar, General Secretary of the CTC in Contramaestre, they are currently following up on the proposals and agreements adopted at the 21st Congress to meet them. This is a workers’ claim that has been made since the appeal in January 2018. Likewise, the different unions are already organizing the debate schedule of the speeches made by José Ramón Machado Ventura, Second Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and Ulises Guillarte de Nacimiento, General Secretary of the CTC at the closing of the Congress.

The worker leader also explained that there are affiliations that are in conference and others are going to initiate them, as is the case of the Union of Public Administration.

Likewise, the National Association of Innovators and Rationalisers in Contramaestre held its Municipal Conference. This was an event where a large delegation was elected due to the economic impact of the territory on the economy of Santiago de Cuba.

The proletarian organization of Contramaestre will not only emphasize its work in taking to the base all the debated in the Twenty-first Congress, but also in the revision of the collective work agreements, strengthening of the organs of labor justice, among other activities.

Díaz Zaldívar also stressed that it is a pending task in the period to continue the unionization of non-state workers, to process all their claims, to organize them, that the difficulties they present are really resolved and that they trust in the Contramaestre workers’ movement so that there is greater affiliation.


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