Militia women in Contramaestre

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Contramaestre, Jan.21.- Upon the demand of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) to incorporate women into the armed institution for the defense of the Motherland, the doors were opened in May 1983 for them to enter military life voluntarily.

This decision was preceded by the valuable participation of Cuban women in the struggle for independence, especially in the underground struggle, of which Vilma Espín, Celia Sánchez, Haydee Santamaría, Melba Hernández and many others are outstanding examples.

The municipality of Contramaestre was ratified in 2019 as the most outstanding in the province in the incorporation of young women to the Female Voluntary Military Service, proving the high commitment of women to the defense of the Homeland. So far, 52 young women have enrolled.

The incorporation of women into this process is one of the achievements in Cuba in the struggle for full equality between women and men, as ratified in the new Constitution of the Republic adopted by the people in 2019.

Challenges for a higher incorporation

This year, 2020, the Federation of High School Students (FEEM) of the territory will continue to strengthen the motivation of students for this opportunity, to train about its many benefits and to raise awareness among parents about an activity that not only prepares them for defense but also to face everyday situations.

For its part, the Young Communist League (YCL), in this 2020 is called to accompany the entry and exit of both females and males from military service, visit them and keep abreast of how they fulfill this honorable mission. It will also carry out exchanges with women who have already been in the service, visiting historical, cultural and military sites. Encourage participation in contests and circles of interest of the Minint and call for the participation of Student Bastions, among other activities that respond to the work agreement signed by both.

At a time when the hostility of the United States against Cuba is growing and we are approaching 37 years since the opening of the Women’s Voluntary Military Service in 2020, it is worth highlighting the necessary participation of young women in defense tasks. As our undefeated leader Fidel Castro said, “As long as imperialism exists, the Party, the State and the people will pay the utmost attention to the defense services. The revolutionary guard will never be neglected. History teaches too eloquently that those who forget this principle do not survive the error”.


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