Laguna Blanca to elect direct delegate to UJC Congress

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The municipality of Contramaestre is truly proud of the opportunity to choose a direct delegate to attend the 11th Congress of the Young Communist League (UJC) to be held in April this year; a process that began last January and it should conclude in February.

The staff of the productive pole of Laguna Blanca is one of the 63 collectives in Cuba represented at the youth congress, backed by the results of the young people in food production.

Selecting a delegate to the Congress of the UJC directly from the Laguna Blanca Agricultural Company implies a commitment for the young person who wins a majority in the votes, since he or she should faithfully represent the members of his or her work post and show commitment to his or her daily tasks.

In Contramaestre, a highly agricultural municipality, the insertion of young people in agricultural work is visible, either directly or indirectly, and with work results that support such recognition.

As a result of the work of young hands dedicated to the fertile lands of Laguna Blanca, food and vegetables are obtained for the inhabitants of the head municipality of Santiago de Cuba.



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