Irene lived for her people

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The fresh air runs insistent and sonorous giving a special touch to the atmosphere; almost at two o’clock in the afternoon, the colorful garden greets a lady newly arrive, and to complete the scene I enter a spacious and modest room and observe a small Cuban flag among some decorations and flowers.

Irene Rivero Lopez appeared in minutes, elegantly dressed inside her house; during the time we talked I experienced the admiration and pride to meet a servant of the community.

Irene is an educated woman, born in the Los Negros district, in Contramaestre municipality. She used to teach all those who had not passed the 6th grade, and later she worked as a service assistant in the Ministry of Education. She was a delegate to the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power for constituency 60 for 10 years.

Today she is no longer in this position, but she willingly shared the experiences lived in a decade of dedication to her constituents.

-What responsibilities did being a delegate imply for your life?

It involved many responsibilities, since I had to mediate between the population of my constituency and the organizations responsible for solving certain situations in my community. I also had to listen to my constituents, sometimes there was no material solution to their concerns, but they were given an appropriate response, and thus they felt cared for. I have always had the concept that the delegate is like a doctor, that as one attends with affection and love to his constituents, so they leave pleased and happy with the answer given.

-Your role in each political scenario, how different was it based on your mission with the people?

¨My role according to my constituents was very protagonist, since in all the meetings held in our district I would give my opinion and my point of view about the problems and proposals of my constituents, in order to give them an answer, besides telling them what we had done and what we still had to do.

-What events marked your term of office as a local government authority?

I remember that the first thing I achieved during my term of office was to get a house built for some people who were living in a shelter; I took the approach until the house was built, and even today these people are still grateful for this very human act. I also managed three more houses for people who were living in very bad conditions; I never got tired of managing them until I saw those people living in comfortable houses. I also achieved within the district the construction of a home for the elderly to give a safe roof to all the elderly people who had no family.

-Any message for those who, like you, have such an important responsibility at the base and for the people?

¨I exhort them not to give up what seems more difficult, to work with the political and mass organizations, with the voters and the institutions to solve the inconveniences and to make the constituency a space for the solution of problems, creativity and for the healthy recreation of the youth.¨

Irene Rivero Lopez said goodbye to me in the cozy atmosphere of her home with the gratitude of the visit and in her face the pleasure of the fulfilled duty. She is one of many district delegates in the town of Los Negros who served the people for many years.

In these lines goes the recognition to the dedication of the daily work during a decade, precisely when Cuba celebrates the 45th anniversary of the creation of the Local Organs of the People’s Power. Tribute to its protagonists.

Collaboration of David Alejandro Medina Cabrales, 10th grade student at the Lorenzo de la Rosa Casas Mixed Center of the People’s Council of Los Negros.

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