Delegates in suffrage for new form of government

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Contramaestre, Jan. 18.- The representatives of the municipal government of Contramaestre in the communities, exercise suffrage this January 18 for the election of governors and vice governors.

For the exercise of the free, direct and secret vote, the delegates to the local government body, in fact nominated and elected by the people, will meet at an electoral college: nine in the morning, in the theater of the General Teaching Hospital Orlando Pantoja Tamayo.

In accordance with the new Magna Carta, proclaimed in April of last year, it is up to the president of the Republic of Cuba to propose candidates for the offices of governor and vice governor in each of the provinces of the Cuban geography.

In Contramaestre, Julio César García García, president of the Municipal Electoral Council, together with a deputy appointed by the Council of State, shall be responsible for conducting the voting, which sets the course for the legislative activity of the Cuban nation, protected by the Constitution and Electoral Law 127.

Once the vote has been cast, the Municipal Electoral Council shall proceed to conduct the count, and shall inform the results to its provincial counterpart, who shall be responsible for the final tally of the votes cast in the nine municipalities of Santiago de Cuba, and shall validate and declare elected as governor and provincial deputy governor those who reach more than half the valid votes cast.

It is the Provincial Electoral Council that shall communicate the results to the National Electoral Council, with the mission of informing the President of the Republic and the head of the National Assembly, and subsequently the people, as established by the Electoral Law.


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