Cuban women enjoy their rights (+Photos)

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Cuban women enjoy the privilege of living in a nation where, after suffering discrimination of all kinds, the doors were opened to the longed-for emancipation with the coming to power of the Revolution, which placed equality between women and men among its priorities.

While in many parts of the world, women’s struggle is, in principle, against the exploitation and abuse to which they are subjected, today in Cuba it is focused on consolidating and perfecting the mechanisms that allow them to climb higher rungs in society, based on public policies to promote their integral development and guarantee the full exercise of their rights.

Today, Cuban women make up 53.22 percent of the members of Parliament and 49 percent of state sector workers, according to data from the National Statistics and Information Office. On the other hand, women make up 53.5 percent of the Science, Innovation and Technology system in general and 48 percent of Cuban scientists.

Cuban women in medical service

Cuba presents indicators such as that 53 percent of all academics (more than 86 thousand) are women, who in turn constitute more than 70 percent of physicians.

The performance of women against the Covid-19 is also outstanding, both in the teams to visit homes, in regular or field hospitals in Cuba, as well as in the brigades of the Henry Reeve medical contingent serving in other countries.

Agriculture is a sector in Cuba in which more and more women are joining. To give an example, the municipality of Contramaestre in the province of Santiago de Cuba has more than 900 women working in various tasks, most of them directly linked to productive work, while 400 of the total of 3,700 farmers work in the cooperative sector.

Women in Cuba have their own organization, the Federation of Cuban Women, which is in charge of putting into practice the programs created to empower women’s social and economic performance.

However, in other parts of the world, concern revolves around unemployment, gender discrimination, violence, female murders, social inequality and women trafficking.

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