Cuban rural women exchanged with Dominican counterparts

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Deris Yipsi Suárez del Toro is a young woman in the Contramaestre cooperative sector. She believed that as a woman giving critical opinions in meetings, enforcing contracts or other labor issues was normal all over the world.

Through the Enlace Cooperativo project, inserted in the Credit and Service Cooperative Romárico Cordero to which she belongs, she had the opportunity to exchange with rural women in the Dominican Republic and she appreciated the rights and guarantees enjoyed by Cuban women, unlike visitors.

“We had a pleasant exchange about the realities of Cuba and the Dominican Republic. We do have to emphasize that the political and social realities are not similar to ours. We young Cuban women have to thank the Revolution for the rights we have today.

As part of the visit they shared with the organization CONAMU (National Council of Women) of the Dominican Republic . It promotes the work of peasant women and provides training for producers. However, “we saw that in many cases these women do not own land, there is eviction, they do not have a secure market for their productions because the free trade that exists prevents small farmers from selling more easily.

During their stay in this Caribbean country, they also approached the district attorney’s offices. There she was struck by the stories of violence that add up to Dominican women.

“Faced with this panorama, I remembered that I am free in my neighborhood at any time and I am not afraid. We Cubans also have several organizations that protect us as peasants, the Union of Young Communists (UJC), the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) and the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC).

By 2018, according to official figures, more than 20,000 rural women in Cuba own their land and have the same opportunities and possibilities as men in terms of salary, positions, training and even greater option to access land.

“I am a young woman, a mother and a farmer. I feel happy to be Cuban, I feel that sometimes we complain too much, but knowing that sister countries are still struggling for issues we have already achieved, I realize that we cannot lose what we have.

Although Deris Yipsi is still one of those who advocates perfecting the degree of satisfaction of the women who work the land, now she is one more voice that encourages the preservation of feminine conquests that seem normal in Cuba, but that cost blood and are not enjoyed everywhere in the world.

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