Deeds talk louder than words in terms of human rights

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Cuba is honors this December 10, the Day of the Human Rights with its example for the world by defending life, social security, education, heath care, state protection and dignity for its people.

Cuba is constantly and unjustly accused by the US government of violating the human right, however, the island defends the right to self-determination, peace, education, culture, and others in various forums, particularly in the Human Rights Council.

Cuban Medical cooperation is around the world saving lives while curing people, fighting Ebola, Covid-19, and assisting victims of natural disasters, whereas the US government has launched a campaign distorting the real character of the work of the Cuban doctors abroad.

Many international organizations has recognized the consequent implementation of the human rights (WHO, PAHO,UNESCO,UNICEF,Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, …). The Cuban people enjoy free medical care and free education for all, without distinction of creed, skin color, origin or ideology.

Cuba and Human Rights Council

Furthermore, in recognition of its efforts in this regard, Cuba was elected for the fifth time to the Human Rights Council, after obtaining 170 votes, which represented 88% of the nations that belong to that body, of which our country is a founding member.

National Report of the Republic of Cuba to the Universal Periodic Review of the Human Rights Council provides detailed information about the current approach to this social aspect in the island.

The Cuban government maintains its commitment to international standards in this area. It has ratified 44 of the 61 international instruments (72.13%), which makes it part of the group of States members of the United Nations Organization (UNO) with the highest number of ratifications of instruments of this kind.

On the hand, Donald Trump created cages and detention centers for immigrant minors on the border with Mexico. Is that defending human rights? In that country dozens of African Americans are killed by the police without their actors being punished. Around 11,000 people die each year from firearms.

At the close of this December 9, the United States had almost 15 million infections from COVID-19, and recorded more than 280,000 deaths, according to the WHO. And so, how to criticize or question human rights in Cuba, or elsewhere?

Cuba has has been a victim of the blockade since 1962, intensified by the United States in times of pandemic, affecting the economy of the island with a loss of five billion dollars last year.

The Human Right Measurement Initiative (HRMI) found that the results in terms of human rights in the United States are disturbing: “The US is doing abysmally in several key categories, including the right to freedom from extrajudicial killing, the right to participate in government, and the right to be safe from the state.”

HRMI’s reports says: “On civil and political rights, the United States is the worst performing high-income democracy in our sample,… and for extrajudicial killing, the US comes in a notorious third place, after Mexico and Brazil, particularly because of lethal force used by police against African Americans and other people of color.”

What human rights is the US government talking about? Deeds talk louder than words.


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