Contramaestre Steps Up Electoral Preparations to Vote Yes

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The phrase I Vote Yes to ratify the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba is in the minds of thousands of Contramaestre citizens, a territory in the East of Cuba, in which the arrangements for the Constitutional Referendum are being stepped up.

The electoral authorities have already launched the call for the February 24 referendum. The Contramaestrians will attend the polls to reaffirm the new destinies of a Socialist Cuba based on an almost totally renewed Constitution, when more than 80 thousand voters exercise their right to vote.

The new Magna Carta, tempered by the changes that accompany the updating of Cuba’s economic and social model, was approved last December by the Cuban Parliament.

The document, based on the law of laws of the nation, consists of 229 articles, 18 sections and 11 titles, two special provisions, 13 transitional and two final provisions, being available to citizens in all formats: printed, digital and as mobile application.

In Contramaestre, with a view to making the new constitutional text available to the inhabitants, some 27,000 copies were made available through the Cuban Postal Service, many of which have already been sold for the price of one peso in national currency.

Meanwhile, the Immigration, Identification and Aliens Department of the Ministry of the Interior continues the work related to the voter registration, as the lists of citizens with the legal capacity to exercise active voting on February 24 are published for review and updating in 191 scenarios.

One of the most notorious characteristics of the Cuban political system is that the voter registry is a public, permanent, free and ex officio registry, which includes men and women aged 16 and over and in full possession of their electoral rights, as provided by Law 72, Cuban Electoral Law.

The new Constitution ratifies the socialist character of the State, organized with all and for the well being of all, and it recognizes the leading role of the Communist Party of Cuba, as the highest leading political force in the society and the nation.

The Constitution, to be ratified on 24 February, also includes changes in the structure of the State, broadens guarantees and human rights, it promotes foreign investment and recognizes various forms of ownership, including the private one.

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