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The theater of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba in Contramaestre was not big enough this weekend to accommodate the wide range of analyses and reflections on how to aspire to more Socialism and prosperity at the cost of greater administrative demands, a broader control and supervision by the political organization and the close coordination in the actions of the administrative factors of this territory.

The presence of the Commander of the Revolution and Cuban Vice Prime Minister Ramiro Valdés Menéndez in Contramaestre, promoted important reflections on vital issues for the people of Contramaestre, such as: the need to eliminate the so-called “coleros” that cause so much damage to the internal economy, the deficient performance of the Contracting Committee of agricultural products and the imperative to make the land produce more in order to lower food prices.

Ramiro Valdés exchanges with Contramaestre’s executives.

Valdés Menéndez, in a frank and open exchange with administrative and political leaders of Contramaestre as well as with the political leadership of the territory, warned about the need to stop the incorrect management of the mechanisms of supply and demand, to avoid shortages in the small squares and markets of the municipality while in the particular points of sale beautiful samples of viands, vegetables, vegetables and grains flourish.

During the visit of the Commander of the Revolution to Contramaestre, a response was given to the remarks of a recent party visit to the municipality, to the criticisms and dissatisfaction of the population and it was explained how the local Ice Cream Factory, once paralyzed, has already started production. In this regard, the responsibility of the provincial subordination was revealed, with the fact that there is no refrigerator capable of giving the optimal freezing finish to the food product.

During their visit to Contramaestre, accompanying Commander Ramiro, as he is affectionately known by the Cuban people, Dr. Carilda Peña García and Dr. María Eugenia García, Deputy Minister of Public Health and Provincial Director in Santiago de Cuba respectively, agreed that in spite of the superhuman effort made, the Public Health system in Contramaestre is in conditions to show better results in the confrontation of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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