Contramaestre will resume accountability of the People’s Power

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After having postponed two years ago the meetings of accountability of the delegate to his electors, Contramaestre will restart this process of direct and open dialogue between the government and the people, as indicated by the Cuban Parliament.

In order to materialize such an important exercise of socialist democracy, the authorities of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power of Contramaestre are already working on the schedule as well as on the preparation at the level of the 13 districts, taking into account the call of their national counterparts to break away from the formalisms and resume the dialogue with the people.

During this process, in this jurisdiction there will be acknowledgement to the constituency delegates for their active participation in the actions of prevention and confrontation to Covid 19, such as: neighborhood visits, attention to vulnerable people, support to public health personnel and confrontation to indiscipline and violations of the measures established in the sanitary situation that Cuba is still living.

People’s Power in Contramaestre around the masses

These meetings, according to Dr. Manuel Rodríguez Alfaro, president of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Contramaestre, should be directed, with the help of the masses, to the search for solutions to the problems of the communities, as an expression that the power of the people is power.

Rodriguez Alfaro also said that in the course of these meetings, valid for the 161 districts radiated in this territory of eastern Cuba, will continue ratifying the government’s decision to continue improving the work of the People’s Power in the face of every limitation or shortage imposed by the U.S. blockade against Cuba and the global economic crisis due to the Covid-19.


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