22nd Session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power convened in Contramaestre

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Contramaestre has convened the 22nd Ordinary Session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power for this September 25, according to the summons issued by the highest leadership of the local government, in the person of Dr. Manuel Rodriguez Alfaro.

The plenary is scheduled for 9:00 a.m., in the business unit of coffee processing base “Rolando Ayud”, in the presence of the delegates of the 161 districts of this jurisdiction of eastern Cuba, leaders of organizations and entities as well as representatives of civil society, all fulfilled the protocol measures required by the current epidemiological situation that lives this territory because of the Covid-19.

At the government meeting, in addition to being informed about the decisions adopted by the president of this body and the state of compliance with the agreements adopted in similar previous sessions, the Administration Council will be responsible for revealing the results of the application of the policy of subsidies to individuals to finance construction actions in the field of housing in these difficult times the Cuban nation is going through.

Contramaestre and the execution of its budget

During the plenary and in compliance with the work agenda, the delegates of the People’s Power of Contramaestre will learn about the execution of the budget at the end of the first semester of this 2021, the atypical development of the 20-21 school year and the projections for the coming academic year.

The 22nd ordinary session of the Government Assembly will also evaluate the fulfillment of the coffee program, the results in the attention to the population at the end of the first semester of the current year, while the popular councils of La Torcaza and Guaninao and the deputy to the National Parliament for this territory, Lourdes Palau Vázquez, will render an account of the fulfillment of their attributions and functions, respectively.

This very day of September 25 will be used by the governing body of Contramaestre to hold an extraordinary session in order for its president to render an account of the fulfillment of his attributions and management within the framework of his competence in the current seventeenth term of office of the People’s Power.


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