Contramaestre participates in the process of creation of the auxiliary office of the Cuban Parliament

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Contramaestre, represented by the leadership of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in addition to the program coordinators for the local administration, district presidents, and other leaders and civil society officials participated in the ceremony of the formalities of the conformation process of the Auxiliary or Independent Office of the National Parliament that will be located in the provincial governments.

In the presence of the officials presented by Contramaestre to the immediate constitution of the Auxiliary or Independent Office of the Cuban parliament, its members for the province of Santiago de Cuba were informed in detail about the organization and functioning of the local People’s Power in the current 17th period of this organ’s term of office.

The higher authorities asked Contramaestre for better compliance with Law 132, regarding the organization and functioning of the Municipal Assembly and the districts. In this sense, the municipality must improve the interaction between the Administration Council and the administrative directorates in order to attend with quality and promptness the people’s proposals, a task that does not show progress in the territory, as well as the control and supervision actions in the districts of competence that cover the 13 districts.


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