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The city of Contramaestre, capital of the municipality of the same name in the province of Santiago de Cuba will reach its 108th anniversary of its foundation, this time without a feast, as the Covid-19 protocol was imposed.

With the establishment of settlers to the west of the Contramaestre river, and the gradual urbanization, the arrival of the railroad, this new town arises to which its inhabitants give the same name of the river.

In 1976 Contramaestre became the capital of the municipality of the same name, which includes the villages of Los Negros, Baire, Maffo, Laguna Blanca, Guaninao, Pueblo Nuevo, and Ventas de Casa Nova.

This municipality has an irregular shape, with a central axis represented by the Contramaestre River, from which it takes its name. It is about 30 km long by about 35 km in its widest part. Its territory is characterized by descending from south to north, that is, from the first foothills of the Sierra Maestra, until reaching the valley of the Cauto, whose main tributary is the Contramaestre river itself. It is not a mountainous municipality, although it is not flat either, so it can be defined as hilly.

Its origin depends on two main geological processes: the Sierra Maestra and the one that originated the Cauto plain. Its climate is tropical and its temperatures are also high. Rainfall is high in the summer and decreases in the winter season.

Its soils are dedicated to growing sugar cane, citrus, livestock and various crops. Contramaestre’s environment is highly anthropized due to the use of its soils for different crops. Its population is concentrated towards the south, where the main towns are located: the city of Contramaestre, and its towns. The Carretera Central (Central Highway) and the railroad branch from San Luis to Bayamo mark an important axis of population settlement in the municipality.

Contramaestre is characterized by its important production of cane sugar, citrus fruits, viands, vegetables, coffee and honey.

The municipality has 105 000 inhabitants, the city, 75 000.


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