Disabled children in Contramaestre enjoy rights to life

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Contramaestre, Dec 10.- This municipality of Santiago de Cuba province shows sufficient argumentation to defend and practice human rights, since the Cuban Revolution that emerged following Marti’s principle ¨With all and for the good of all¨, endorses a series of reasons to support the Cuban social model.

The Gregorio Careaga Medina Special Education School located in the district of Maffo in the municipality of Contramaestre, has sufficient guarantees of rights, since an inclusive education is provided, benefiting more than 40 children.

Several professionals in the education sector are proud to be able to work with children with special learning needs, helping them to grow as useful men and women in society.

Enrique Nuñez Lora, Master in Pedagogical Sciences, one of the teachers of special education in the aforementioned school, refers to human rights in Cuba.

Human rights guaranteed in Cuba

“This type of teaching testifies how Fidel Castro’s legacy keeps alive by including those children with disabilities and suffering from learning disorder, down syndrome cases…This is a prove of how human rights are guaranteed in Cuba, however the US government is striving for destroying the Cuban Revolution by financing mercenaries here in our country to organize social disorder pretending there is a chaos, which totally false, and by tightening the economic blockade.”

Today, Cuba is committed to building a more just society based on respect for human rights, despite the United States blockade against the island, considered the first obstacle to its development.

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