Around my neighborhoods, summer option

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Andando por mis Barrios (“Around My Neighborhoods”) is a recreational option implemented by Pueblo Nuevo District this summer 2019.

In the initiative, the social agents of the different communities take part, as well as the productive bases located in this Contramaestre demarcation, which has strong rural roots.

Constituencies 124 and 125 recently played a leading role in this program. Support was provided by the Miguel Betancourt Credit and Service Cooperative (CCS), a structure which, together with representatives of the District, sponsored the sports and recreational activity.

This was a meeting of great acceptance, in which the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, was also remembered on his 93rd birthday.

Mariela Cardosa Dimet, president of the District, announced to this website that in the program Andando por mis barrios, representatives of mass organizations and the president of the defense council are working together. All with the aim of offering a cultural recreational project pleasing the people who live here.

So far these activities have been carried out in several areas of the demarcation including the headquarters of the District. This proposal continues until August 24, the closing date of the summer in town.

Zones such as La Grúa, Fábrica de Pienso, La Anacahuita, el Rincón are some of the communities that have enjoyed the Walking through my neighborhoods program.



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