US Blockade hinders food security in Cuba

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Havana, May 10 (RHC)— Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez recalled on Monday that on its most recent Global Update on COVID-19, the World Food Program (WFP) states that the US blockade hinders the island’s food security.

“This genocidal policy that seeks to bend our sovereign will by hunger and necessity must cease,” wrote the Foreign Minister on Twitter.

According to the WFP report, the effects of COVID-19 are causing a sharp decrease in national and household level income sources, especially tourism, private sectors, and family remittances, as well as increasing the lack of food and basic supplies in local markets.

Food security is also significantly affected by the economic and financial embargo, climate events, and the lack of fuel.

According to the Cuban report that supports the presentation to the UN General Assembly of the resolution requesting the lifting of the unjust measure, the blockade caused losses of more than 5.5 billion dollars in the last year, a period marked by the intensification of this hostile policy amid complex health crisis caused by COVID-19.

The UN General Assembly is expected to vote next June 23 on the Cuba-sponsored draft t resolution on the need to lift the blockade imposed by the United States on the Caribbean country, a text similar to the one supported on 28 occasions by that multilateral forum.

(Taken from RHC)

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