Cuba’s Ministry of Culture rejects conditioning for dialogue

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This morning a meeting was scheduled at the Ministry of Culture with three spokespersons designated for dialogue, by a small group of people who have been characterized by their provocative attitude and their relationship with the media paid by U.S. federal agencies.

At the time the meeting was being set, about thirty people showed up in front of the institution’s headquarters and they were asked several times to leave, due to the risk posed by the Covid-19 epidemic in crowds in public spaces.

Faced with the refusal of those gathered, they were invited on several occasions to go to the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture, to wait there for the clarification of the situation of some citizens who, according to those who remained outside the organization, had been detained in other parts of the city.

It was also suggested that they talk with all of them about matters of mutual interest.

In a frankly irresponsible attitude, those who remained in the street expressed that they would not leave.

During the more than two hours that these incidents lasted, the media paid by the U.S. government commented live on what was happening and reinforced the provocative matrix of the counterrevolutionaries.

Faced with this circumstance, the workers of the Cuban Ministry of Culture decided to react immediately. They gathered in front of the provocateurs and urged them to leave.

Faced with their refusal, and the evident intention of putting on a media show, the workers of the institution confronted the provocateurs and evicted them from the place.

Dialogue with honest creators

The Ministry of Culture ratifies its willingness to dialogue with honest creators on any issue related to the cultural policy of the Cuban Revolution and reiterates its refusal to accept provocations or dialogue with mercenaries.

Long live the Cuban Revolution!

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cuba

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