Millions of dollars for a Made-in-USA democracy in Cuba

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Although it has never yielded the results expected by its promoters, subversion against Cuba continues to be a lucrative business that moves millions of dollars.

Disguised in multiple ways, through agencies, companies and organizations that are almost never transparent in the management of their funds, the sponsorship of actions aimed at overthrowing the (Cuban) Revolution exceeded 249.5 million in the last two decades.

This is according to the Cuba Money Project, a site dedicated to covering stories on U.S. government programs and projects related to the island.

Just in 2020, a report based on public information handled on their digital portals by agencies such as the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), estimates the sum to finance subversive initiatives at 2.5 million.

This is only a partial figure, since “some programs are so secret that the recipients of the funds are never revealed”, explains journalist Tracey Eaton, in an article for the Cuba Money Project, entitled The Business of Democracy in Cuba is Booming.

Eaton assures that at least 54 groups operated programs on the Island with money coming from the Usaid or the NED since 2017, coinciding with the arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency.

“An extensive network of groups financed by the U.S. government sends cash to thousands of Cuban “democracy” activists, journalists and dissidents every year,” he said.

Incidents at the Minister of Culture

Recently, after the provocation in front of the Ministry of Culture, a reporter from the site ADN Cuba – one of the media managed from abroad, which distorts the reality of the country – acknowledged in a video, which circulated through the networks, to have received between 150 and 200 dollars to cover the event.

Other publications with an anti-Cuban agenda, under the slogan of an alleged “independent” journalism, have also admitted their links with U.S. agencies.

This, however, is only the visible face of an extremely solvent business, since the State Department, USAID and NED report having “undisclosed” contractors, to whom a part of the funds for a change of political system in our country also go.

It is impossible to know how much of the U.S. money ends up in Cuba and how many people are paid, Eaton concludes. What is very clear is that the millions invested have not been enough for the empire to bring to its knees a people determined to defend its sovereignty at any cost.

(Taken from Granma)


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