Cuba denounces blockade obstacles to vaccine production

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Havana, Jun 16 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, today denounced the obstacles caused by the U.S. blockade to obtain the necessary inputs for the vaccines developed by his country.

For the production of vaccines, the Caribbean nation acquires means of cultivation in distant countries, unable to buy in U.S. territory, wrote the Foreign Minister in a message published on Twitter.

A report by the international confederation formed by non-governmental organizations Oxfam shows that its shipment takes more than 24 days, instead of the 17 hours that would be possible if there were no commercial fence, said Rodríguez.

At the end of May, Elena Gentili, Oxfam’s Havana director, urged U.S. congressmen to eliminate the blockade and the restrictions on economic, social and political relations because of their impact on Cuban society.

At a press conference in Havana, the representative urged Joe Biden’s administration to normalize ties with the Caribbean nation.

Gentili presented the Oxfam report ‘Right to live without a blockade. Impacts of U.S. sanctions on the Cuban population and women’s lives’, which lists some of the damages caused by that policy.

According to the report, Washington’s siege affects more the possibilities of women to exercise and enjoy their rights, and ignores their differentiated needs, opportunities and autonomy.

The blockade, reinforced with more than 240 measures during the Trump administration, deepens the economic crisis and hinders access to suppliers of medicines, technologies, food and other basic necessities, the text specifies.

The unilateral provisions also have an impact on the daily lives of the most vulnerable groups, their families and means of subsistence; they hinder the development of their own capacities and projects, in addition to limiting progress towards a fairer and more inclusive society, it adds.

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