Let’s put our hearts into the Homeland

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Once again the Homeland summons us. To give heart to the (Cuban) Revolution is the call to the sons and daughters of the nation. A heart filled with peace, unity, sovereignty and independence is the dignity to defend.

To sow love among Cubans in order to annihilate hatred is to give heart to the Homeland, it is to continue founding a Cuba with the desire to advance, to build, to transform.

To consolidate a Homeland for Cubans in order to make the socialist work more beautiful, is to give heart to the Revolution, demanding the lifting of the walls of the blockade, the lies, the infamy.

To continue building from different trenches for the collective good with creative tools, of cohesion, for the people and with the people, is to give heart to the free Homeland that we dream and conquer.

To follow the path of science to save lives in times of pandemic is to put heart into the Revolution, as it is also to work tirelessly in the production of food.

Not to give in to the outrage of stateless people who lend themselves to undermine principles and values, is to give heart to the Homeland, to continue saving the Island from enemy threats and provocations, to defend together a socialist Cuba that belongs to us forever. As Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said: “To Cuba, to the Homeland and to socialism, let’s put our hearts into it and we will win”.


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