Contramaestre on the day of homage to the Homeland (+Photos)

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The headquarters of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the municipality of Contramaestre, was the stage today to pay homage to the Day of the Militiaman, the Day of the PCC Worker, to the victims of the bombing of Cuban airports by the United States aviation on April 15, 1961, and to salute the beginning of the 8th Congress of the PCC in Havana, which will last until Monday 19.

The ceremony included the performance of local artists who interpreted poems allegorical to the firm decision to defend the Homeland, political songs, dances and dances of the Cuban popular culture.

This occasion was used as an opportunity to recognize PCC workers for their outstanding performance in their work, and to hand out membership cards to several members of this political organization who had recently joined its ranks.

Contramaestre salutes 8th PCC Congress

The central speech of the ceremony was pronounced by Yordanis Pi Reyes, official and reserve of the PCC Bureau in Contramaestre, who emphasized the conviction of the local militancy to be always faithful to the Homeland, which is our best homage to the historical generation of the Cuban Revolution, and to the legacy of our heroes, as well as our best support to the 8th Congress of the PCC, which started this morning in the Cuban capital.

The political official also alluded to the firm decision of the PCC militants to resist and maintain the revolutionary firmness in the face of the media and economic war that the enemy constantly wages against Cuba.

                                                                                                      Local artists

                                                New militant of the Communist Party of Cuba were given their membership card

                                                    Yordanis Pi Reyes, official and reserve of the Municipal PCC Bureau in Contramaestre







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