Cuban president appreciates Bridge of Love in the U.S. and Canada

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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel thanked today, on behalf of the country, the Bridges of Love initiative that gathered in the United States and Canada caravans of activists against the US blockade on the island.

Through his Twitter account, the president stressed that Cuban emigrants and friends in solidarity called in eight North American cities for the end of the U.S. siege against the Caribbean nation.

‘Cuba admires, appreciates and hugs them,’ the head of state added in his publication.

In the cities of Miami, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Ottawa and Montreal, groups of demonstrators spoke out Sunday against Washington’s policies affecting the island’s population.

In addition to demanding an end to Washington’s extraterritorial policy, the caravanists supported the work of Cuban doctors and backed international petitions for the nomination of the members of the Henry Reev Cuban Medical Brigades for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Bridge of Love in Canada

Yuri Pedraza, president of the Cuban Community in Canada, expressed his opposition to US policy and said that the blockade is the most genocidal way of attacking a people, the most hypocritical way of trying to overthrow a system and the most cowardly way of trying to make someone change their way of being.

In the United States, the 8th edition of the ‘Bridges of Love’ caravans is taking place on Sunday in favor of the elimination of the economic sanctions imposed on Cuba and Cuban families, which began on July 26, with a call on social media by the Cuban youtuber ‘Proteston Cubano’ (Cuban Complainer).

The protesters in those cities call to ‘build bridges of love between the peoples of Cuba and the United States,’ in continuity with the caravans organized for several years in Miami by the Marti Alliance Coalition.

I demand that the United States Government stop the criminal blockade against my people, which is a genocide of more than 60 years and does not allow my Cuban brothers to develop in peace, Alina Velazquez, a member of the Jose Marti Cultural Association, said.

On January 31, hundreds of Cuban residents in the United States and friends of Cuba toured the streets in a caravan of bicycles and cars in Miami, New York, Seattle and Los Angeles, to oppose the blockade and pay tribute to Jose Marti on his 168th birthday.

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