Yacht Granma brought the freedom to Cuba

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On December 2, 1956, Fidel Castro arrives in Cuba on board of yacht Granma  from Mexico, with a glimmer of light that would turn into sunshine on January 1, 1959, by overthrowing the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista, who had overshadowed the country with eviction, oppression, crimes, abuses, consent with foreign companies, especially North American for the exploitation of national resources.

Neither the adversity of the overweight in the yacht Granma, nor the bad weather, nor the delay of two days for landing, could prevent the longed-for dream of the expeditionaries from fulfilling that of stepping on Cuban soil to restart the armed struggle.

The light of Granma

The light of Granma survived the first baptism of fire in Alegría Pio, where, due to the surprise factor and the conditions of the area, most of the expeditionaries perished. When 12 of the survivors, among them Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos, Ernesto Che Guevara, Ramiro Valdés and Juan Almeida, met, Fidel himself said: Now, we will win the war!

The suffering of the Cuban people at that time was such that in a short time hundreds of men and a few women would join Fidel, with whom the Rebel Army was later formed. Three of those Granma expeditionaries and survivors of Alegría de Pío would become the pontiffs of the Liberation War: Fidel Castro, Commander in Chief, Camilo Cienfuegos and Ernesto Che Guevara, commanders who would successfully carry out the invasion of the west of the country by different routes; Raúl Castro, head of the II Eastern Front and Juan Almeida, Head of the III Eastern Front.

Granma brought to Cuba freedom and dignity, which we Cubans enjoy today, and which we preserve by following the path traced by Fidel and his legacy for the present and for posterity. With our daily work we add firewood and oxygen to the fire so that the light of the yacht Granma never goes out.

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