With sadness and indignation, Cuba still remembers the blowout of Cuban plane in Barbados

Sadness and indignation still linger among the Cuban people as they recall the mid-air explosion of a Cubana de Aviación aircraft shortly after it took off from Barbados airport on October 6, 1976, with 73 people on board. This event was orchestrated in the United States, supported by the CIA and ordered by Luis Posada Carriles, a Cuban living in Miami.

Forty-four years after that terrorist act against Cuba, the memories that come to those who knew the Cuban national fencing team bring tears to the eyes. The Cuban fencers had just written a brilliant and unsurpassable sports page, winning all the gold medals in the regional fencing competitions that had just taken place in Caracas.

Gladys Panuncia, a Contramaestrian woman, who was part of the national fencing pre-selection, met all of them, with whom she shared joys, sorrows and training, and whom she would never see again:

“I remember that my older brother asked me if I had heard the news and I said no, I noticed that something strange was happening.

He said, ‘There was an accident in Barbados, the plane went down in the sea but they are trying to rescue the survivors.’

I had a faint hope and was a bit reassured.After a while he decided to tell me the truth. I was shocked. From there we went to the farewell party that Fidel held in the Plaza de la Revolución. I will always remember when our Commander in Chief said that phrase: ‘When an energetic and virile people cry, injustice trembles’.

How many families have suffered from terrorism, how many families mourn their children, husbands, mothers, brothers… and the crime went unpunished. The Homeland mourned. Cuban fencing suffered an irreparable loss, but the Cuban people will never stop asking for justice, demanding an end to terrorism, betting on our sovereignty.

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