Venezuelan Weapons in Maffo Battle

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It was the third day of combat, December 12, 1958, in Maffo when Fidel expressed his gratitude to the Venezuelan government for its support with weapons that would be of vital importance in the final battle being fought in the Cuban Bank for Agricultural and Industrial Development (BANFAIC).

Commander Fidel Castro, in a show of gratitude, writes a letter to Venezuelan President Wolfgang Larrazábal.

“Admired friend:

What can I say after your noble and spontaneous gesture? Two years of fighting against all the obstacles, the weapons confiscated before arriving in Cuba, the economic sacrifices of so many compatriots mostly lost due to government persecution, to understand with how much emotion and gratitude we receive the help you send us on behalf of Venezuela.

From today I tell you that whatever position you occupy in the country, the highest or the most modest, for us you will always be the first of the Venezuelans.

Fidel Castro Ruz

A prominent Cuban Luis M. Buch, Head of the  July-26 Movement abroad and who was an exceptional witness of the transportation of the weapons sent by the Venezuelan government, because he was a passenger on the plane. In the extensive interview, he will refer to the issue of arms.

“On December 7, 1958 (…) the greatest amount of weapons received by the Rebel Army arrived in the Sierra Maestra: 150 Garand rifles, 100.000 cartridges 30-06, 10 machine guns of 30 caliber with their cartridge belts, 20 Browning machine guns, a box of grenades and a Fal rifle, which the head of the La Guaira Naval Station, the naval lieutenant Carlos Alberto Taylhardat, sent to Fidel, in “recognition and admiration of his bravery…”.

The solidarity of the Venezuelan government with the struggle for the definitive liberation of Cuba constitutes a recognition of the just and noble purpose of the necessary war fought by Fidel and the Rebel Army against a bloody tyranny that only deserved to be eliminated from the earth forever.


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